Natsko Seki – A fantastic new show of work

18th January 2017

If you didn’t already know. Netsuke Seki has a solo show on at Daiwa Foundation, London Please visit Natsko’s website for more information. website! 2s,3s & 4s is my first London solo exhibition. Please come and see her new work! Daiwa Foundation Japan House 13/14 Cornwall Terrace, Outer Circle London NW1 4QP Exhibition: 13 January-22…


G-FEST programe launch

11th October 2016

Click on the images to take you to G-FEST website                                                                                            

Work in progress

25th September 2016

Following on from a request to see some images of the transformation of the halls since we founded T.H.I.S, here is a film showing some images from over the last 6 years.      


Marusa Meglic’s Chalton Gallery Show

24th September 2016

A big thanks to the entire residency team for all their hard work, to Chalton Gallery for their continued assistance and support and to Marusa Meglic for being such a great A.I.R. We wish her all the very best, in what will no doubt be a very strong career.            …


Anne Harild – Tabacna Residency

20th July 2016

In her work, Anne Harild (1980, Copenhagen) centres on contemporary urban space, with a particular focus on its physical manifestations: grids, textures, materials and forms that make up cities as well as shape our lives in them. Locations of the artist’s projects are never left to chance: she always starts by selecting specific locations which…


Carla Cruz at Hospitalfield

11th July 2016

During her Interdisciplinary Residency March 2016, Carla Cruz dedicated the two weeks to an exploration of the novel UNLESS by Carol Shields from a feminist and institutional Critique perspective. Cruz considered the writing as a framework to critique the ‘art world’ system and other established norms of progress. From this exploration Cruz created a performative…