Finding Discounts On A Lift Top Table For College Dorm Room

If you have kids that are going to college, and they are going to need furniture, one of the best things that you can give them is a lift top table. It is a great piece of furniture that will allow them to store papers, magazines, or even their books, conveniently located on a table that they will be using every day. There are many different types of these tables. Some are actually quite large. They can have a lid that lifts up at an angle, to lids on either side, or the type that lift from to central connectors, allowing access on all sides. Here is how you can get the best deals on a lift top table for a college dorm room that your child is going to be in this year.

Lift-Top Wooden Sofa End Coffee Table with Storage Compartment Brown

Why People Use The Top Tables

For some people, these tables are simply much more decorative than they are functional. The prices can range from under $100 to almost $1000, depending upon the material that they are made of. If you are going to get one for your son or daughter for their dorm room, spending under $100 is probably the way to go. You can usually find these at yard sales, especially if it is a family where their kids have grown up and have already gone to college. They are also functional, as mentioned before, providing extra room for things to be stored, perfect for college students away from home.

Getting The Best Deals

Even if you are not able to find one at a yard sale in your hometown, you can usually locate one on the web. People are always advertising on the online classifieds, or you might be able to find one in your local classifieds, posted by someone in a neighboring city or town. Just compare the different prices that they charge, consider the material that it is made of, and whether or not it is going to fit in their dorm. The site of have collected lots of reviews and tips of different type of top lifting coffee tables, you can check and choose one. Once you have found the one that is priced right, that is the perfect size, you can pick one up for your college student for their dorm room at school. The small lift top table with storage are most students like.