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Alex A. Martin from Bradley University, Illinois

31st May 2017

Questions about masculinity, femininity, sexuality, and the stereotypes and stigmas associated with them are what drives the creation of Alex’s work. He looks at the ways in which western culture defines gender and sexuality; scrutinising the patriarchal view that we have on these concepts to better understand the constructs that we as a society have created. During…

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James Hatton at Tobačna 001

1st April 2017

During his residency at Tobačna 001 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, James concentrated on Video, Photography and Writing. Splitting his time between all three arms of his practice, he gained darkroom skills at a local design and photography college, gave a talk about his photography and made several new video works. The rest of his time was spent researching, writing…


Studio AIR presentation

2nd August 2016

With the arrival and the return of Anne Harlid, Carla Cruz, and Luke Drozd we had a had a series of talks given by the returning A.I.Rs as well as an introduction to  Maruša Meglič our newest A.I.R.                                      …


Anne Harild at Tobačna 001

20th July 2016

In her work, Anne Harild (1980, Copenhagen) centres on contemporary urban space, with a particular focus on its physical manifestations: grids, textures, materials and forms that make up cities as well as shape our lives in them. Locations of the artist’s projects are never left to chance: she always starts by selecting specific locations which…


Carla Cruz at Hospitalfield

11th July 2016

During her Interdisciplinary Residency March 2016, Carla Cruz dedicated the two weeks to an exploration of the novel UNLESS by Carol Shields from a feminist and institutional Critique perspective. Cruz considered the writing as a framework to critique the ‘art world’ system and other established norms of progress. From this exploration Cruz created a performative…


Gentle Bread

20th April 2016

Gentle Bread is a research about bread and clay by the artist Ariadna Guiteras (Barcelona, 1986) with the support of Homesession (Barcelona, Spain) through the International Residence Programme at THIS (London, U.K.). Performance at 6.30 pm. Secrets are confessed in a whisper. Expectations, judgment, disappointment, surprise and satisfaction come together in some sort of musicality,…


Open submission for residency at THIS – via Askeaton Arts

5th April 2016

Dear Friends, Askeaton Contemporary Arts in association with Tottenham Hale International Studios (THIS), London have initiated an artist exchange programme, and now make a public call out for a 2017 participant. The appointed artist-in-residence will reside in North London for two months during June and July of 2017 and will be given a large studio…