During her residency at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois, Bryony concentrated on Printmaking, Photography and Writing. Working across Printmaking, Photography and Book Arts departments she gaining skills in typesetting, photopolymer printing and book binding. As part of her residency Bryony presented a talk on her practice in Bradley’s Visual Voices Lecture series, open to the public; Undergraduate and Postgraduate students at Bradley. Alongside this she supported Graduate students through one-to-one and group critiques.

Bryony focused on the production of new works, which she presented as part of Terrain Biennial in Peoria, IL. Terrain biennial was founded in 2011 by Sabina Ott’s and author John Paulett, repurposes private spaces such as front yards, porches, or windows, turning them into public spaces in order to foster dialogue between neighbours and provide opportunities for artists and viewers alike to experience new perspectives. Her installation including photography, concrete sculptures, prints and poetry were situated in the sun porch of Project 1612.

The time dedicated to writing and researching, immersed in Peoria’s local art scene has enriched Bryony’s practice. Thank you to all the local artists of Peoria, including Peoria’s unique collective Yaku, who continue to be wonderful interlocutors of Bryony and THIS.

IMG_0508 1     IMG_0468

IMG_0073 2    Bryony_Hussey_TB_1612_4 (1)


Installation shots of Terrain Biennial –

Bryony_Hussey_TB_1612_7 (1)    Bryony_Hussey_TB_1612_8 (1)

Bryony_Hussey_TB_1612_9 (1)    Bryony_Hussey_TB_1612_2 (1)

Bryony Hussey, Prevailing Winds installation, in the sun porch

Bryony_Hussey_TB_1612_5 (1)

Bryony Hussey and James Hatton, Disturbance Patterns digital printed flag, hanging from the awning



Conor Sheilds, Immune System Response Ritual performance, in the back yard

23668896_1731977573521416_6298431414002794535_o     23632248_1731977616854745_1523093012283108779_o

Ryan Paluczak, Organ Drones on Infinite Frequency, sound installation in the garage


Gina Hunt sculpture in the front yard