Questions about masculinity, femininity, sexuality, and the stereotypes and stigmas associated with them are what drives the creation of Alex’s work. He looks at the ways in which western culture defines gender and sexuality; scrutinising the patriarchal view that we have on these concepts to better understand the constructs that we as a society have created.

During his two-week residency, Alex travelled the length and breadth of both London and the UK, diving into the SOHO nightlife and Newcastle art scene. He visited Brighton, describing it as ‘The San Fran of the UK’. We’ll take it!

Arranging talks and collaborations with other artists at THIS, Alex brought great energy and focus to the space. His enthusiasm and passion created a focal point for his short but action-packed two-week stay.

Works on paper and sculptural pieces made from London detritus commingled with his ongoing research of colour in gender theory, which manifested itself most clearly in his interest in Tottenham’s plant-life.


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